Weight Loss for Women

YOB has new teamed up with Dr. Kip Van Camp, owner of Rejuvinate Med Spa in Topeka, Kansas for our HCG weight loss program!

LADIES, LOSE 20-25 LBS PER MONTH!!!! You Only Better is Kansas City’s original and most experienced HCG provider. We use a physician prescribed HCG grade that is the only form of HCG that works. Interest in the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) program is at an all time high now because it works. Owner, Laurie Black , has significant experience working with HCG and has helped women successfully lose those last 8 to 20 lbs in two to three weeks effortlessly.

Warning…Don’t be Fooled: Because of the success of prescription grade HCG, non-doctor prescribed versions of HCG are being sold through online ordering web sites and even Walmart. If you check the labels, it’s mostly water and will not deliver the same effective results that only a doctor can prescribe.

You Only Better (YOB) offers the most experienced staff and our clients reach their goal and stay there with a physician and nurse on staff to serve you.

How does it work? HCG produces a reaction that triggers the body into releasing stored fat. When the fat is released into the body, it produces calories and energy for the body to use. The hypothalamus gland, under the influence of HCG, releases 2,000 calories of stored fat per day, which in turn allows a person to stay on a strict 500 calorie per day diet without experiencing hunger, loss of energy, or muscle deterioration. The body’s metabolism rate is increased and many women actually report higher levels of energy on the program. Dramatic weight loss results are the norm, with patients losing an average of one pound per day!

Weight Loss Results That Stay

Clinical studies have reported that 85% of HCG patients do not gain the weight back one year later. No other diet releases secured fat reserves the way that HCG is believed to do.

HCG has changed my life. I had let myself get over 200lbs (208 lbs at my heaviest) with no hope in sight. I thought about how long it would take and how much intense exercise I would need to do to lose even 20 lbs. The more I thought
about how much I needed to lose the more frustrated I would get and would turn to food. After all, I was already fat, what was another few pounds? What a downward spiral. I heard about HCG through a customer at work. I would see her about twice a week and within a month she had dropped multiple dress sizes. I asked her what her secret was and she told me about You…Only Better and HCG. My husband and I talked it over and started looking into HCG. After researching it, I decided that it was very safe and my only chance of success

I was so ready to lose all of that excess weight that I took to the HCG protocol with open arms. I followed it to the strawberry, absolutely no cheating. I knew I would only be cheating myself out of pounds lost if I cheated on this protocol. Thank goodness I stayed true to it! Within the first two weeks I had lost 18.2 lbs and 19.25 inches!! I stayed on HCG for 45 days and have actually lost another 2 1/2 lbs off of the protocol. My total loss has been 40 lbs and 44 inches. My brain has been rewired on food. I respect it and treat it as fuel for my “new” body. I am so thankful for You… Only Better and it’s staff for being there for support and for providing us with this new chance at life.”


YOB Client

HCG was a “MIRACLE” diet for me. I was so overweight that I was depressed about how long it might take me to lose the pounds I needed to lose, but HCG gave me amazing results quickly. On the HCG diet, I didn’t get hungry, cranky or weak, and I didn’t crave the sugars and starches that I was eating too much of previously. The more weight I lost the more energy I had. I lost 65 lbs. in about 3 ½ months and lost even more weight during the maintenance period. I’ve been off the diet for about 3 months and haven’t gained a single pound. I’m eating what I want, but I no longer even want the less healthy foods I was eating before. And I actually feel like and enjoy exercising again.”


YOB Client

If you are seeking the “Total Body Package”, it includes the YOB HCG treatment program, 8 entermologie lipo massage sessions and 3 colonic hydrotherapy sessions all at a significant discount.



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