Total Body Package

For people with 30 lbs or less to lose, our Total Body Package transforms your body.

Get amazing results with the HCG Program, 8 Sudatonics sessions and 3 Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions!

Prices available by email or phone and package discounts given with combination of services.

HCG Weight Loss

Oral HCG (human chorianic gonadatropin), when combined with a low calorie diet, can create a potent and effective weight loss solution. HCG has long been called the ‘weight loss cure’ because it has been shown to create weight loss in areas where there is excess fat storage and maintain lean muscle while keeping patients satisfied without hunger.

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Endermologie Lipo Massage (Cellulite Reduction)

Endermologie has been FDA approved for cellulite/inch reduction for over 15 years. While numerous other methods (most NOT FDA-approved) have been introduced in recent years, the consensus is that Endermologie works. It reduces the appearance of dimply skin, it tightens the body, and lifts saggy skin. It helps the wrinkles that form over the knee, it lifts the rear end and literally sculpts the body.

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Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy has been utilized for centuries as an effective method for cleansing the large intestine and removing the number one source of disease in the body. Unfortunately, with the daily rigors of life and diet, the colon becomes the repository of accumulated toxins, disabling the body’s purification system and as a result, we feel and act far below our potential.

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Personal Training

Packages now available with Lindsay, a certified personal trainer, in conjunction with endermolgie and colonic hydrotherapy, for greater and quicker results.




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