Endermologie Lipo Massage

Body Sculpting & Cellulite Reduction

EndermologieEndermologie has been FDA approved for cellulite/inch reduction for over 15 years. While numerous other methods (most NOT FDA-approved) have been introduced in recent years, the consensus is that Endermologie works. It reduces the appearance of dimply skin, it tightens the body, and lifts saggy skin.

It helps the wrinkles that form over the knee, it lifts the rear end and literally sculpts the body. Endermologie is a great therapeutic treatment for anyone suffering from lupus, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome or just sore muscles. It is a lymphatic treatment that because of the rollers, gets much better results than a manual massage.


Watch How It Works

Endermologie is a professionally administered series of cellulite treatments that is performed by a certified practitioner.

Endermologie Lipo Massage Kansas CityEndermologie is a skillfully applied process where a technician manipulates a patented endermologie suction device, which performs a vacuum-like suction to the affected areas, usually the arms, thighs, buttocks and the belly. The device gently kneads the skin in these areas, which is supposed to help stimulate circulation, as well as to encourage “lymphatic drainage”.

Lymphatic drainage is where the local lymph system is relieved of toxins and expelled from the body. This is supposed to help cellulite disappear, based on the somewhat popular theory that cellulite is caused by both poor circulation and toxin build up.


How Does it Work?

The process uses a machine with suction and patented, mechanical rollers. It is a full body massage, with treatments lasting 35 to 40 minutes. A technician maneuvers the rollers over the entire body, giving careful consideration to problem areas. A client commits to coming in once or twice a week over the course of 14 to 20 sessions. This is a progressive treatment, so it is important to come in weekly, in order to keep seeing results. The process pushes fluid out from between fat lobes, “wrings out” the actual fat lobe, and then lays them back down in a flat, even layer, much like a steam roller smoothes out jumbled gravel into a nice, smooth road.


How Can I Optimize My Sessions?

Clients can improve their results by drinking plenty of water, eating fresh, not preserved foods and doing light exercise. Many clients over the years look amazing and work out, but they couldn’t get rid of some dimples or had saddle bags that exercise wasn’t getting rid of. Endermologie did! Others look incredible and don’t work out and Endermologie keeps them tight and tiny.


How Long Does it Take?

After the series of 14 – 20 sessions, a maintenance session every 4 – 6 weeks is required. Poor diet, poor circulation and just gravity will cause skin to relax and sag. After several weeks, the water that was pushed out of the body begins to accumulate again and the client will start to feel “fluffy.” This is when a maintenance session is done. Most look forward to them just for the massage.


Does It Work For Men?

Endermologie is very beneficial to men. It helps sculpt the pecs, trim the love handles and just tightens the entire stomach/abdominal area. It would be a great addition to any workout/diet program.




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