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With this program, you can expect to lose inches, rid your body of built up toxins and fat, reduce tension and sore muscles, along with boosting immunity, flattening your tummy and getting rid of bloating, constipation and fatigue. Creams are used to help reduce water loss and stimulate fat loss.

This combined treatment has been used in expensive Arizona and LA spas for years as a celebrity secret to heath, vitality and to keep body in top shape.

Detox Package includes the following:

  • Four colonics, scheduled one per week
  • 4 Sudatonic Far Infared Sauna blanket sessions
  • Four B12 injections, one per week

The basic aim of a body detox is to cleanse the toxins and chemicals in the body, in result to which your body will regain the energy level and an overall health improvement is experienced. Our body receives toxins through various ways such as through air, water or through the food we consume. Toxins also enter our body through other ways such as through our skin when we apply lotions and other cosmetics. But the biggest contributor of toxins to the body is the food we eat. Through consumption of processed and unhealthy food our body receives toxins at a much bigger proportion as compared to what our body can discard.


Colonic Hydrotherapy Kansas CityColonic hydrotherapy has been utilized for centuries as an effective method for cleansing the large intestine, getting rid of years of toxic build up, removing the number one source of disease in the body. Maintaining a healthy colon should be a part of everyone’s health regimen but is often neglected.


Who will benefit from Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Anyone who has ever eaten junk food, fatty food, sweets, caffeine, pop, chemically treated and preserved foods, processed food, or basically anything that modern culture deems edible will benefit from colonics. If you are depressed, stressed, under pressure, confused or tired, you will benefit from colonic hydrotherapy.

We take better care of our city sewage systems than we do the “sewage systems” of our own bodies. Unfortunately, with the daily rigors of life and diet, the colon becomes the repository of accumulated toxins, disabling the body’s purification system and as a result, we feel and act far below our potential.


Where else does the body store toxic waste?

Colonic TherapyToxic waste is found throughout the body. When toxins cannot be eliminated through the colon, liver, kidneys, perspiration or lungs, the body must store them in the tissues of the body. Some favorite spots for storage are fat cells, joints, muscles, arteries, the liver and other organs. Colon hydrotherapy reduces the burden on other organs and the lymphatic system which is our main line of defense against harmful bacteria.


How many sessions are recommended?

Research recommends the following protocol: Two the first week, two the second week and one a week for the next eight weeks. Although most people are amazed at the results of each session, we find that the colon starts to release the old, sludge waste after the fifth session. There is no correct or incorrect way to do the colonics. Some people do only three sessions and report increased energy, they sleep better and feel better. That’s great. Many are surprised that the average person is carrying 7 – 14 pounds of dried fecal matter in their colon. This is literally years of build up.


What can I expect while I am there?

You can expect to have complete privacy. You will remain covered the entire time and have soothing music play with the lights out. There is no odor, there is no mess. It’s really not that bad!

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